Sep 6, 2021
Help Make a change

A World Of Change

When news is as bad as was contained in the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the world’s leading authority on climate science, it can be difficult to identify and focus on slivers of positivity; but for me the fact that this latest report received so much coverage gives room for hope.

Sep 6, 2021
Bringing The Walled Garden's Back To Life

Welbeck Walled Gardens

Earlier this year gardener Steve Wright agreed to take on the mammoth task of transforming the historic walled site in the heart of the estate. After gaining the tenancy, he put in a polytunnel and, within weeks, was growing salad crops and making plans for next year’s crops. 

Sep 6, 2021
For The Green Thumb's

September Open Gardens & The Great British Garden Party

There are still gardens to visit in September and October. 

Jun 29, 2021
Scandinavian style

How To Scandi...

The Scandinavians are onto to something with their design principles and Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’) philosophy – we have been entranced by the thrall of Ikea, light woods, and white walls for over a decade now but what is it and how do you create a perfect Scandi space. There is so much more to this principle than white walls where design, comfort and function meet in perfect harmony.

Jun 25, 2021
Becoming a green thumb

Get The Best From Your Lawn This Summer

Summer really does bring out the best in our gardens and is the time of year when we can truly celebrate our lawns. It provides that all important centrepiece for relaxation and de-stressing as well as being an area to revitalise and rejuvenate. Your lawn acts as an extension of your home and provides the most amazing area for socialising and entertaining guests.

Jun 21, 2021
Creating your own pond

Perfect Ponds

DIY Garden Pond Water brings a garden alive and installing your own wildlife pond is a hugely rewarding experience both aesthetically and ecologically.

Jun 8, 2021
the hungry month

Mind The Gap

For years we opened up our gardens to the public in June to raise money for the National Garden Scheme charities. I never know why we chose June because our garden always seemed dull and uncolorful then compared to the months before and after. 

May 20, 2021
National Garden Scheme

Nottingham NGS Photo Competition

The National Garden Scheme team in Nottinghamshire is running a garden photography competition this year to celebrate the beautiful gardens they open, inviting high quality, eye-catching images and offering some great prizes.

May 20, 2021
National Garden Scheme

Local Gardens open for the National Garden Scheme.

These gardens featured are ‘open by arrangement’ which means visits are pre-booked for a more personalised visit on a pre-arranged date, there are a range of dates available, so visitors can decide on their most suitable option. Please visit for more information.  
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