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Ellicar Gardens. By Sarah Murch.

Are you looking for a change in lifestyle? Why your garden might be the answer.

Gardens offer escapism and relaxation for busy individuals. For others, they are a place to relax and unwind, to enjoy spending time with family and friends. Gardens give us a sense of purpose, a chance to potter and grow simply for pleasure. Every garden should feel like a sanctuary that nurtures our souls.
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Pollinator friendly planting schemes for bumblebees.
Along the garden path, throught ecological planting schemes.
A natural swimming pool in your garden takes outdoor living to a new level.
Gardens should look beautiful and be good for the planet.

That's why we've spent over 20 years helping garden lovers create uplifting, functional and wildlife-friendly spaces. Sustainable gardens are at the core of our work, creating spaces as spectacular as they are ecological.

Our approach

Designing and creating a garden that nurtures your needs and gives back to nature takes time and specialist know-how. If you don't have them, don't worry.

That's where we come in. We live and breathe gardens. And as a family business, we invest ourselves in your project. So, you can have faith in our approach, and ability to transform your space into a sanctuary you'll love. And we'll help you do your bit for our planet too.

Naturalistic gardens for modern living

Gardens and outdoor spaces are an antidote to our always-on lifestyles. At Ellicar we specialise in designing and creating naturalistic gardens so you can step out of your door and straight into nature.

With easy-to-look-after ecological planting schemes that attract wildlife, and trees and shrubs for structure, blossom, winter bark and fragrance, our gardens are biodiverse, beautiful all year round and a boost to your wellbeing.

Sustainable methods good for the environment

Gardens are critical to improving our environment. Through thoughtful design and compassion for the land, we give you a beautiful and biodynamic garden that does its bit to help improve the planet and help fight climate change.

We commit to using local and recycled materials and UK-grown plants in all our gardens alongside often-overlooked essentials like composted green manures, soil conditioners and mulches. They all come together to improve plant growth, reduce maintenance, help lessen pollution, improve air quality and cut CO2. Through landscaping your garden sustainably, we increase biodiversity and create a sanctuary for birds and wildlife. All while conserving water and reducing flooding.

Ecologically-friendly planting schemes for wildlife

Formal, contemporary, cottage or naturalistic style. Wildlife isn't fussy - it just needs the right plants plus a sprinkling of care and compassion.

We're experts in ecologically friendly planting schemes for every style of garden. You'll find them easy to care for, beautiful all year round, and your garden will come alive with wildlife. Beautiful flowers are a food source for pollinators, bringing butterflies and bumblebees back into your garden. Seed heads and grasses appear striking and architectural during winter while being a vital food source for wild birds. Shrubs and trees add structure to your space and provide habitats and nesting places. While mulches keep soils alive, bringing biodiversity from the ground up and habitat for amphibians and invertebrates.

‍Through your garden, you can play your part in reversing our declining wildlife and reducing the impact of modern-day living on our planet.

A wildlife pond brings your garden alive

Drawing on our knowledge as water specialists we are experts in creating balanced wildlife ponds, large or small, planted with native aquatic plants and landscaped into your garden to give you the perfect space to simply relax and enjoy watching the wildlife visit.

Natural swimming pools for relaxation and recreation

And if you are looking to take outdoor living and wellness to the next level, our natural swimming pools are the perfect outdoor living space for alfresco dining, relaxing beside the water and reconnecting with nature.

And with proven health benefits, wild swimming in biologically filtered, chemical free water in your own back garden, surrounded by beautiful water plants, immersed in nature might be just the lifestyle change you are looking for.


Our Services

Garden design, construction, and soft landscaping
Natural swimming pools and wildlife ponds, design and construction.
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