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Retford Town Centre Neighbourhood Planning Group begins wider consultation
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Retford Town Centre Neighbourhood Planning Group (RTCNPG) commenced its wider public consultation phase with a stall at Retford Market in September. As part of a planned programme of public appearances and communications, the group will be appearing on some of the Retford markets on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and Retford Christmas Market, over the next few months.

Formed from residents, elected representatives and people employed in the designated Retford Town Centre Neighbourhood Area, RTCNPG has been working, since its official recognition by Bassetlaw District Council in March of this year, on draft proposals to discuss with the public.

The RTCNPG team will also be offering to meet with community groups based in, or with a significant interest in, the Retford Town Centre Neighbourhood Area.

The draft proposals for consultation, which seek to build on the current strengths of Retford are:


In brief, by 2037 Retford will be a safe, healthy, accessible and sustainable town centre, supporting people of all ages, which is proud of its heritage buildings and attractive to businesses as a place to grow and prosper, providing a range of employment sites and premises.

Retford town centre is future facing, the home of people and businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The value of natural assets will be enhanced and extended and investment will create a rich mix of shopping, leisure, sports, health, cultural and social facilities making Retford town centre appealing as a place to live, learn, develop, work and spend quality leisure time.

Community Objectives

The community objectives look at the regeneration and bringing more vitality to the town centre, supporting the growth of a vibrant day time and evening economy (cafes, pubs, restaurants and other leisure facilities). To create an exciting environment that makes it attractive for micro, small and medium sized businesses and shops to locate and flourish in the town by ensuring that there is a range of suitable sites and premises.

Improving the accessibility of the town by providing a network of connecting movement corridors that are safe, accessible and direct for walkers and cyclists into and across the town centre. In so doing encouraging opportunities for workers, residents and visitors to be healthier and more active.

There are multiple objectives that aim to improve facilities, accessibility and enhance the town centre. 

For full details of the plans and to find out details ongoing please visit: 

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