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Feb 20, 2021

Preparing Young People With Skills For Life

A lot has been said about the need to minimise the impact on our children's education during the pandemic. However, did you know that the friendships, adventure and skills for life gained from organisations such as Scouting can be just as important?

Nov 1, 2020
North Notts Envoys

Promoting, Supporting & Sustaining North Notts

Watching David Attenborough’s film ‘A Life on our Planet’ and meeting Bill Grimsey from ‘The Vanishing High Street’ when he looked at Worksop and Retford, it is clear we are at a tipping point where we will thrive if we focus on working with the natural world and how we can regain balance and true sustainability. This is the time to build back better and give everyone in North Notts a stake in our place and the environmental issues we know we can improve if everything we do is for our community. Localism on steroids is the best way we can all drive the economy from here.
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