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Claire Bishop breeds champion Dobermanns, and shares her love of the breed here and tells us how she stepped into the world of show dogs.
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I have always grown up with dogs so it was no surprise when I decided to bring a dog into my home. I remember it well, sitting at my computer reading about the different breeds. I never planned to own a Dobermann but when one came across my screen I instantly fell in love. The more I looked into the breed the more I knew this was the breed for me. Soon after I purchased my first male Dobermann, a black and tan 10 month old, named Puma. He was a magnificent companion. Intelligent, elegant, brave and loyal are all true when describing a Dobermann. It wasn’t until many years later after I lost Puma to old age that I delve into the world of dog showing. 

My first show dog is a brown and red rust Dobermann called Titus. I made sure to socialise him well and when he was a few months old we went to a rescue fun day. He would always stand proud and when he moved it was clean, fluent and with style. Everyone who met him instantly fell in love with his gentle loving soul. After several people said I should consider showing him I decided to give it ago. Why not. It wasn’t until two months into showing and we qualified for Crufts that I realised just want this meant. So the hard work, commitment and drive to do our best began. Titus is now a UK champion ‘Ch Repertoire Simply Red’. He is a very special boy who is never far from my side. He currently shares his home with two females, a brown and red rust named Makeda ‘Princess Anna of Johnsons’ and a black and tan named Oksana ‘Korifey Oksana’. 

All of my dogs love nothing more than to run in the fields alongside the horses or visiting local coffee shops and enjoying a cake or two. Each one has a unique character and should never be underestimated. Dobermanns are alert, watchful and energetic. Careful training is needed as well as understanding, time and patience. What you put in is then returned tenfold. 

We travel the UK meeting many wonderful people who share a passion for dogs. There will never be another breed for me. Titus has opened up a whole new world and one we thoroughly enjoy. Sharing my home with this magnificent breed is truly an honour. The future looks exciting and I look forward to continuing to share my home with my current Dobermanns progeny. What lies ahead - hopefully many new adventures…? Our motto – ‘Nothing happens unless first we dream’ 

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