The HopBarn 2021 Exhibitions & Events

Event: 3 Apr - 31 May 21
The HopBarn, a centre for creative performance in rural East Nottinghamshire is pleased to announce its cultural programme for 2021.
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Announcing the 2021 events programme – visual arts, music and dance for The HopBarn, a centre for creative performance in Upton (rural East Nottinghamshire). The Hop Barn's 2021 exhibitions celebrate the Countryside Higher Level Stewardship Scheme.

The programme begins on 3 April 2021 with the first ever visual arts exhibition - ‘a little bird told me’.

3 Apr - 31 May 21
A little bird told me exhibition countryside walk
In celebration of the Countryside Higher Level Stewardship Scheme, we have been meticulously charting bird sightings and songs identifying 71 species of birds (of which 16 have UK Red Conservation status).

In 'a little bird told me’ our first visual arts exhibition you can delve into a collection of books which showcase visual artists, composers, fashion designers, carpenters, photographers who share our appreciation of birds.

Young birds, once they learn to fly after falling and retrying, take off to explore the world and on their journey, they find their soulmate before prospecting to make a home, either in a new location or returning to their point of origin. Jonathan Poole and Angie Atmadjaja, the third generation to care for The Hop Barn, are not unlike birds in their life cycle having returned to this Southwell Farm after exploring the world. They have built a home and started to sow their dreams and aspirations on the land.

So, why not take advantage of this opportunity to delve into their books and take a walk around the farm? Or draw, paint, sketch, stick and glue your own little book or picture that can be hung on the miniature tree. See and hear the extraordinary, feathered friends who shape daily life for Jonathan and Angie at The HopBarn.

There are children’s learning activities and workshops happening alongside this exhibition.

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