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Highfields Independent School

Sustainable Education At Highfields Independent School & Day Nursery

Sustainability continues to be a hot topic globally, and at Highfields Independent School it definitely does not stop with the adults!
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With a Sustainable Schools Action Plan in place, Highfields is set to improve its sustainability across all areas of school life and ensure pupils are leading the process too.


“Our pupils are the eco-citizens of the future, and we hope to instil a passion in them for sustainability and their role in effecting change by heavily involving them in our Eco Programme” said Headteacher, Sarah Lyons.

The Sustainability Action Plan has ensured all staff have an aligned eco-mission. The whole team are involved; support staff, the admin and site teams, teaching staff and the school catering team. The sustainability mission was initially presented to the children during assemblies but with teachers linking sustainability to the curriculum using the ‘REALL’ teaching and learning framework, it is an increasingly embedded part of the provision.

The School Council, which is made up of a group of children from across the school, has also set their own sustainability agenda contributing to the school’s action plan. The children have come up with a multitude of ways to reduce waste and create a more sustainable learning environment for themselves, their peers and future generations of Highfeldians.

The Highfields school grounds are also playing a part in the eco-mission. Highfields is set in 14 acres of land, and with squirrels, rabbits, deer, badgers and a buzzard already calling it home, they have allocated a portion of the grounds to be “re-wilded”. The new wildlife habitat aims to encourage a greater diversity of wildlife – especially bees!

“Sustainability has always been something that we’ve spoken about with great importance to our children, but we have really sharpened our focus on the issue this year, encouraging everyone to play their part and be a leader of sustainability. The whole School is involved - Form 6 and our Operations Manager are monitoring our energy usage, the Kitchen Team are using local, seasonal produce and reducing food waste, the children and teachers are reducing wastage in the classroom by ensuring they are reusing classroom resources where they can, and we are also looking into providing school transport, to reduce the amount of cars on the road generated by Highfields families!”

This year’s School Eco Captain, Thomas Barthorpe, was elected for his great ideas and passion for sustainability evidenced since he was in the pre-prep department. Thomas and his friend Luke are allocated time to research and then present projects that will help the school become more eco-friendly.

Thomas said “twice a day we go around the classrooms to check waste is in the correct bin and that the lights and interactive boards are turned off. I do it because it’s better for the planet”.

To discover more about Highfields School and their ongoing sustainability journey, visit or call
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