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Mount St Mary's College

Mount St Mary's College Shines In ISI Report

In the revised ISI framework implemented in October 2023, schools undergo a transformed assessment process, moving away from summary judgments like “Outstanding” or “Good.” Mount St Mary’s College embraces this change, with inspectors now assessing whether students make good progress or not, providing detailed summaries for each area. We can proudly say that our students consistently make good progress.
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Under the new standards, schools are evaluated based on meeting or not meeting Independent School Standards and Regulations (ISSRs). Mount St Mary’s College and Barlborough Hall School met all ISSRs, with no identified action points for improvement.



Our ISI report highlights key aspects, emphasizing our commitment to high standards in education, ethos, student well-being, and boarding:

  • Pupils feel safe in School, and they have adults they can talk to if they have any worries.
  • Boarders benefit from well-organised houses that pupils say are like a second home to them.
  • Pupils’ spiritual and moral understanding is developed through the School’s Catholic ethos.
  • Pupils who have SEND make good progress and often exceed expectations.
  • Pupils are encouraged to talk, ask questions and challenge each other and they think deeply about issues and situations.
  • Pupils are actively engaged in their lessons, assimilate new concepts and develop their understanding and skills.
  • Pupils contribute to the wellbeing of the School community and bring about change.
  • Pupils’ behaviour in lessons is positive and pupils apply themselves with focus and determination.
  • Classrooms are well resourced, and teachers use these resources effectively to stimulate pupils’ interest and to challenge their thinking.

    The ISI report serves as a testament to the dedication and hard work of our entire school community. At The Mount, we celebrate these achievements and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing an outstanding education that nurtures the well-being and academic success of all our students.

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