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Too Busy To Burnout

Sometimes the best thing you can do to revive your business, and you yourself, is to share the load. The question is how to find time to fit it in?
 |  Katie Hogg  |  Business

Working relationships shouldn’t mean that you’re too precious to delegate jobs, or too worried that someone else cannot do as good a job as you. You must trust in your own judgement and the team around you. If you are starting to feel overwhelmed with a project, use your best skills and the skills of those around you to navigate your way through the stress and the workload too. If you’re alone in your business you can seek help from others, pr and marketing companies, copywriters, and agencies have teams ready to take on the load, both physically and mentally, so you can concentrate on what you’re good at.

The work culture we increasingly see is that we are all pressurised into thinking that it is a failure if you cannot balance your working life, workload and a home life too. Sometimes this means being a parent, friend, colleague, and boss all rolled into one. It’s not always straightforward.

Part-time work often means that you might be stretched beyond your capabilities, and it only takes one small tip of the scales, such as an illness, colleague off work or a delay in some part of your business beyond your control to send the balance into chaos. Fighting deadlines and trying to keep afloat when your head barely ever reaches the surface for air.

What can you do? 

Before you hit ‘your wall’ it’s important to be able to see where the pressure points are and to know who to ask for help.

Ask for help.

Within Createinn we have the team of professionals that can do just that. We can discuss the direction of your business and find a way to make things more streamlined. If you’re struggling with your copywriting for your website or marketing and press releases, we can help. If your website isn’t performing as it should perhaps it’s time for an overhaul?

If you would like to get your name noticed and need a little push to refresh your branding, we can discuss your business needs. There’s so many options and levels of assistance, not just from us but that you can also find further afield. 


Find relationships with other individuals and companies that can build on the business that you have and be a valuable resource when you really need those extra hands on a job – links through to other companies and even if it’s just a small task, it will lighten the load and make such a difference. 

Finally, find your voice. 

You need to be able to speak out, for yourself and for others, finding your voice comes easily to some and not so easily for others. Being in control of your time and of a business means that you will sometimes have to delegate, sometimes negotiate and you may even need to occasionally say no. 

Pleasing everyone is what you’d like to do as a business but you have to be able to see when you are struggling and be able to make a conscious choice if it will really help you to succeed with your goals – or in the end if it will be a further stress. Realising and admitting to your limits is difficult but overall, the quality time that you can spend working on the projects you love and the work/life balance that you can maintain by simply being aware of those limits will make all the difference and hopefully burnout will never be a word you use again.