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Wellness Experts Combine To Show You How To Have A Heart Led Business

Members of the Wellness Network offer gems from their individual expertise.
 |  Katie Hogg  |  Business

We are all still feeling a little battered and bruised after the last two years of uncertainty, mistrust, worry and loss.  This means we need to take extra care of ourselves and make good decisions. 


Remembering we have a choice and exercising our right to choose the right people to be around, the right food to eat, the right way to spend our time and the right thoughts to occupy our mind.  It isn’t always easy to do those things and sometimes we need a little help. 

The Wellness Network is a group of Health & Wellness Professionals that work every day to help you do just that.  The difference is all the members put people and kindness first.   

Staying as well as possible, emotionally, physically, and mentally is key to facing challenges with greater resilience, energy, and focus. 

Some of the Members of the Wellness Network online, all experts in their own chosen fields of wellbeing, have come together to offer some thoughts on how to they run a Heart led Business. 

Rosalyn Palmer

It can be a challenge to be heart led in business. The CEO of a successful company knows how to get ‘Suited and Booted’ and to turn up to work wearing that mask and playing that role. But who are they really? Perhaps they can tap into their true self when at home.  To play Lego with their son or pretend to be a horse while cantering around the back garden with their daughter.  But can they show this side at work?  To show fun or compassion fearing that it may be mistaken for weakness? 

To allow yourself to be authentic in all aspects of your life you need to work out what brules (BS Rules) are holding you hostage. Is it an old critical voice in your head? Are you acting in a way that you saw an old boss or parent behave? 

Simply question it to determine what rules work for you. 

Ask yourself: Who am I: When I’m my BEST self? 

What is it like to be me?

What is it like to be around me?

What is the impact I have on my business?

What future am I showing my kids is possible? (Is it compelling for them?)

Then work out ways to be and show that side of you more. It will feel as good for you as it is for others.

Amanda Whitehead: 

Purposefully Nourished

We are all on our own unique journey and I love it when I can relate to my clients and share how I have overcome challenges like brain fog, bloating and imposter syndrome or that inner critic that we all experience. And how I am still on a journey that has challenges and obstacles along the way, and that is a good thing. When working with my clients, it is not about them being totally reliant on me but about them learning about themselves. Becoming an expert of their unique body and creating a sustainable lifestyle on their terms, with a full understanding of the mind/body connection and the importance of this.

It is about nourishing and encouraging them to go out into the world and live a life that is true to them and their soul. Shining their light and sharing their gift with others. Energy is everything and it is what life really is about.

Clare Wildman: 

Clare Wildman Coaching 

A business that is prepared to say ‘This is not the right solution for you’ is a business that truly has your wellbeing at heart. 

Running a heart led business is about putting the customer’s needs first. As someone running this type of business, I love that I can tailor my service to make it ‘just right’ for the client and I can go ahead and run a workshop even if the take up is low. 

Often, I have seen that this is just what has been needed.  Being in business is not just about making a profit, it’s about providing the right service in the right way to match your values.