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Adapt To Thrive

Learning to look deeper into your business ideals and cope with change. It's time to adapt and thrive in any environment.
 |  Michelle Rogers  |  Marketing

The current circumstances have made all business owners sit up and take note of two very different aspects of working life. This is the balance between work and home – if you are one of the companies that had to close the office door and work from home then the last year will have been, to you as with many others, a rather sharp shock to the system. The concerns of the business and those you work with as well as the change in working environment. We have had to become more adaptable, evolve our working practices and in some cases alter our style of work in order to continue the work flow and maintain a profitable business.

The trick is to adapt. This has to be quick firing and done at pace in order to keep the ball rolling. You have to ask yourself if your business is adaptable and if you can make that change?

Is your company in need of change?
Don't fear change. Change is refreshing. There is never a wrong time to grow your business if you feel it necessary. You may feel your company too young or alternatively too old with too much heritage attached. Your business needs to change to suit the changing market, and this may be driven by your customers, changes in attitude or even technology. Does your website need to be more informative? How can your clients contact you personally? What hours are you available? Is your presence on social media strong enough? And how can you become more visible in a marketplace?

In truth, whatever your business there will always be something that you can add/alter to generate growth and inspire those who work with you, both clients and your team. A pro-active approach is the first step. Take the time to look at your core strengths, the things that make customers return and look how to make these things more accessible. It could be a change in delivery services, different working hours, an addition to an online part of your business, such as adding a shop, an ordering service or another way of communicating with your customers. Nothing is quite the same as being physically able to see someone that you’re working with, so if this isn’t possible what can you do to make sure that everyone knows your face? People invest in people, the friendly smile, the welcoming hand extension, so it’s about using the technology around you to earn the trust that you would have been able to in person where you can let it let shine through in that all important first meeting, or regular catch up.

The work/home balance.
One thing that many people have grown to appreciate is their home life. It becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a home/work balance when the office is a part of your home and you can attend those Zoom meetings in your shorts and slippers. When this line becomes blurry so do the working hours and the practices. There are a few little things that can help along the way to maintain motivation.

Set a place for your work within your home that doesn’t have impact on where you relax, where you eat or where you sleep. Even if it is a little corner make it the space for work and do not let it encroach on the other areas of your life.

Set working hours and rules for yourself. It is easy to become distracted by the noise of life, the importance of the growing household tasks around you and the little things that happen at home that are a wonderful distraction from the workload. This will only extend your working day, in the end, every moment you step out of the ‘office’ you will have to put in the extra time later when all you really want to do is relax.

If you are struggling and need some inspiration then ask for help, friends, family, everyone has an opinion and ideas are key to keep motivated.

We can help at Createinn Ltd, as a business that has grown and adapted over 17 years of experience of changing technology and changing markets. We’re good at listening and we’re always happy to have a chat.

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