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Pancakes With Oranges And Maple Syrup

A fantastic recipe for breakfast – or any time of day (perhaps even pancake day!) Refreshing and zesty orange and a lovely sweet syrup to finish it perfectly.
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Pancakes are lovely anytime day, this breakfast recipe recipe is satisfying, filling and best of all, a must for those with a sweet tooth in the morning.

3 tbsp orange or satsuma juice
225g self raising flour
Pinch of salt
25g melted butter
40g caster sugar
2 large eggs
80 mls milk
1 large orange, peeled and sliced or
2 satsumas segmented
Butter or oil or greasing

To Serve
Maple syrup or honey


  1. Place 3 tbsp orange or satsuma juice into a food processor.
  2. Add all the remaining ingredients and blitz for 30 seconds or until the mixture is blended and is free of lumps.
  3. Drop small ladlefuls of the mixture onto a very lightly greased frying pan and allow to cook on one side for approximately 2 mins until you see bubbles forming.
  4. Flip the pancakes over and cook for another minute.
  5. Serve warm with fruit slices or segments and a little drizzle of maple syrup or honey.

NB. Canned mandarins can also be used for this recipe


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