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Excerpt: Top tips on creating a bathroom perfect for you. Kelly Roden, owner of Meliora Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms in Bawtry.

Often the smallest rooms in the home, bathrooms are essential and functional rooms that have often been overlooked when it comes to design flair. We have seen a shift in the last 18 months towards making them spaces that are worth spending a little more time in – a sanctuary almost spa like experience.


With the bathroom market at an all time high and many home owners planning a bathroom renovation in the coming months I have popped some tips together to help you navigate the world of bathrooms.

1. Assess the use of the room

Start by thinking about who will use the room, this will have a huge baring on the scheme to finally choose. Is a large shower more useful or a family bathroom with bath and shower needed?

Ask yourself what sort of space you hope to achieve – a haven to escape to or a colourful and zingy space to energise you for the day ahead? This has an impact on the fixtures and fittings you will choose.

Forget how you currently use it and focus on what you want from it.

2. Get the tape measure out

Measure carefully and as accurately as possible and create a scaled plan of your room. Make sure to consider any features that may affect the design – windows, chimney breasts and doors for example.

Cut out scale examples of baths, toilets, basins and move them around to see what is possible and help you understand the spacing better.

3. Ask an expert

If you’re thinking about how to plan a bathroom, it’s best to seek out expert advice sooner rather than later. Visit local bathroom showrooms and websites – bathroom designers are great sources of information and advice. We’ll be able to tell you about the latest materials and technology and will have lots of solutions for compact or awkward spaces. We have plenty of experience in maximising space while at the same time minimising costly mistakes.

4. Choose your style

Seek out your style early on there are 2-3 main styles for bathrooms – period, classic, and modern/contemporary. We find hotels for both us and our clients are huge source of inspiration particularly smaller boutique brands, not only for style tips but also layout as they tend to have to cram lots of elements into compact spaces. Mood boards using Pinterest and Instagram are always helpful when trying to convey your hoped for end result to designers too.

For bathroom ideas, fittings, tiles and so much more visit Meliora Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms in Bawtry. The first step into creating your dream bathroom.

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