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New Year: Old You (Again)?

Subtitle: new year resolutions goals
Excerpt: Chris Collins, Life Coach for Carers, looks a little deeper into the ideals and goals for our New Year's resolutions.

It’s that time of year again when a huge number of us feel the urge to join in the ritual of setting a New Year's Resolution and if we stick to it, it will bring us the ‘thing’ that we feel has been missing or not quite where we would like it to be in our lives.

It’s great that the new year inspires us to take the time to think about ourselves and what we can do to make ourselves feel more content and balanced, however this year I want to invite you to do something a little different.

The time and effort you were going to put into knocking that New Year's resolution out of the park, I would like you to put into really looking at the things that you can control in your life on a daily basis, the things that are purely down to you and your own actions.

Sit with the list opposite (or if you can create a list that reflects your own values that would be awesome) for five minutes a day and think about how controlling each one would make you feel and then slowly put that into action. Make a few a habit and just keep adding to your repertoire through the year.

One single thing rarely brings about happiness and balance in your life, it’s more about the accumulation of little moments of positivity and personal fulfillment that you can find in everyday actions, especially when they are personal to you and your values.

Things you CAN control.
(Caleb LP Gunners)

  • Your thoughts
  • Your attitude
  • Your beliefs
  • How honest you are
  • What books you read
  • Who your friends are
  • How kind you are to others
  • How many risks you take
  • How often you exercise
  • How you interpret situations
  • How kind you are to yourself
  • How often you say “I love You”
  • How often you say “Thank you”
  • How you express your feelings
  • Whether or not you ask for help
  • How often you practice gratitude
  • How many times you smile today
  • The amount of effort you give
  • How much time you spend worrying
  • Whether or not you judge others
  • Whether or not you try again after a setback
  • How much you appreciate the things you have
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