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Which Of Your Brains Is The Boss? (And Is It Really Helping You?)

Subtitle: Chris Collins, Life Coach.
Excerpt: Three brains are better than one... By Chris Collins, Life Coach.

Great coaches are trained to coach the 'whole' person, not just listening to what is being said, but also what is not being said, observing a clients body language, emotional state and bringing their awareness to how a clients body feels to them at certain moments.

This is because we know that at any one time, we all have three 'brains' in action within our body. The 'head' brain, the 'heart' brain, and the 'gut' brain.

In most people one of these 'brains' takes the leading role and we use this to guide our day-to-day decision-making, but when our other brains are in conflict with the leader, those decisions can feel 'off' in some way and we don’t feel quite as easy about them as we would like.

This is hugely magnified when more important, potentially life changing decisions or actions need to be taken, and these conflicts lead people to make no decisions, take no actions and become stuck in life at pivotal moments. It’s at these points that life coaches can be engaged to help people get 'unstuck'.

Amongst many other things, we help clients work on becoming aware of and developing all three of their brains so that once their 'wants and needs' for their best future life have truly been understood, they can 'cross check' any decisions and actions needed to get there in a more integrated way.

This is key to making progress, as when you are fully aligned in all three of your brains then your intentions are more likely to turn into actual decisions, that will feel great, and then confident, consistent, effective actions will follow.

The science behind this three brain phenomenon is becoming more and more clear, with gut health currently being a boom industry for this very reason.
The guts’ influence on how your body feels is not a surprise when we now know that 95% of the bodies Serotonin (responsible for your feelings of happiness, wellbeing, focus and calm) and 50% of its Dopamine (responsible for feelings of pleasure) are produced and/or regulated in the gut. We also have 10 times the number of bacterial cells than human cells here, so if these are the ‘wrong’ bacteria it can have profound effects on our bodies, influencing our mood, sleep, and brain function.

As a coach it’s my job to be able to empower clients to unlock their fullest potential and navigate life’s challenges with clarity, confidence and resilience and if I’m missing out on some of your brain power then that’s lost potential for me and you.

It’s now literally a case of three brains are better than one!

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