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Roy Wakeman OBE is Chairman of the CTI (Confederation of Timber Industries) and of local Window and Door installer The New Window Company at Frieston Heath.
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It is now widely recognised that global warming is a real issue, and that mankind has been the major factor in influencing events leading to the causes. Amongst them is the release of CO2 or carbon into the atmosphere and that this has been a significant factor in damaging the Ozone layer leading to global temperatures rising.

So much that now all governments are targeting zero carbon either before or by 2050. In the UK the preferred target is to cut emissions by 68% by 2030. We already know that petrol and diesel driven vehicles are going to be phased out and that the burning of fossil fuels will cease at some time.

Major changes, therefore, but the single biggest action the world can take is to make use of the world’s oldest and versatile material for building and construction, namely timber.

It's time to put timber at the heart of the climate debate.

This was the headline used this week to report on the Climate Change Committee (CCC) release of their sixth Carbon Budget report which sets out a detailed and achievable “Balanced” route for the UK to drastically reduce emissions by 2050.

The report recommends that the UK cuts its territorial emissions by at least 78% by 2035 compared to 1990 levels.

To achieve this the CCC suggests ramping up the use of wood in construction, a £12 billion investment in a long-term refurbishment programme to existing housing stock that would create an additional 200,000 jobs by 2030 and planting two billion trees in the UK.

So, timber framed houses should be used which are quicker to build and much easier to keep warm using less energy.

We also need to recognise that using wood as the material for our windows and doors is a no brainer as timber any form and particularly in finished products is a natural carbon sink and the carbon will be stored within the products for their life time which has been proven in Life cycle analysis to be at least 65 years (Herriot Watt University and the BRE green guide).

Timber windows and doors as supplied locally by The New Window Company come in hardwoods and softwoods that are engineered to suit the customers bespoke needs and to avoid the issues of warping or rotting. Modern paint finishes are offered in a myriad of colours to match the customer’s needs and are now guaranteed for 12 years before any further decoration is necessary.

There are lots of initiatives sponsored by government grants (Green Deal) and help for listed buildings where heritage products meeting todays demanding performance standards but also fit in with local planning rules.

So, our world wants to grow green and we can help the cause by using timber wherever we can. Your valley and establishment would then be very green.

Roy Wakeman is Chairman of the New Window Company based in extensive showrooms at Frieston Heath near Caythorpe Grantham.
Elm Farm
Frieston Heath Caythorpe
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