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Get The Best From Your Lawn This Summer

Ian Stephens from Lawn Master Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire shares his top tips for keeping your lawn in great condition during the summer.
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Summer really does bring out the best in our gardens and is the time of year when we can truly celebrate our lawns. It provides that all important centrepiece for relaxation and de-stressing as well as being an area to revitalise and rejuvenate. Your lawn acts as an extension of your home and provides the most amazing area for socialising and entertaining guests.


So with summer now in full swing, it's essential you’re able to keep your lawn in tiptop condition, to maintain this beautiful space. Here are my top tips for keeping your lawn looking great all summer long:

Play, and then clear away 

There is no better surface for sport and play than grass. If possible, move slides, paddling pools and other play equipment off the lawn when they are finished with. Grass will die underneath things left in one place and weeds will establish.

Avoid barbecue scorch 

Enjoy dining ‘al fresco’, but don’t place disposable barbecues on the lawn or throw the embers from larger ones over it.

Don’t mow too low! 

‘Scalping’ your lawn stresses the plant. Leaving your grass to grow a little longer will help it to stay healthier during hotter spells. For a splash of colour and a little oasis for bees, consider leaving a patch of unmown grass in the corner that can be developed as a little wild flower meadow.

Water efficiently 

If you want your lawn to stay greener for longer, particularly during hot, dry spells like last year, it will need regular watering. Water first thing in the morning while it’s cool to ensure your lawn receives the full benefit. Hopefully with a little extra water and care we won't see as many lawns suffer as much as they did last year, through the extremely hot conditions. 

Plan repair work for the autumn 

If your lawn is patchy or matted, book in scarifying and overseeding for the autumn when temperatures cool and rainfall increases.

Spot a problem? 

We see chafer grubs in lawns we treat locally. If you see birds or other animals pecking or digging in the lawn or patches forming which look dead, please contact us so we can help.

Time To Get Growing...

Lawn Master can provide you with a range of treatments for a lawn you can be proud of, delivered through regular visits charged at a single low price per treatment.

Receive your free lawn analysis and quotation, where we’ll clearly outline your lawn requirements and provide a programme of treatments, tailored for you. Treatments start from £18 for each visit. 

To receive your free lawn analysis, contact Ian on: 

0800 326 5015 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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