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Brave Ground For 2021

Kelly Roden, owner of Meliora Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms in Bawtry rounds up the latest trends, most fashionable colours and how we're all loving our home working spaces in 2021.
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As we say goodbye to 2020 and the year that we spent more time at home than ever before, we look to a new year one which is under an immense amount of pressure to perform much better than the previous year has done. The pandemic really has shaped the way in which we look at interiors and trends are emerging from the way in which Coronavirus has shaped our lives.

Our homes have become more than a place to sleep and eat, they are now our offices, gyms, yoga studios, and even classrooms. These inevitably has impacted how we view the décor and spaces we are living in.

Earthier tones are emerging as comfortable colours that allow us to create hubs and pockets of privacy in our open plan spaces. Allowing for separation of spaces without impacting on our mindset or create distractions. When Dulux unveiled their Colour of the Year as Brave Ground many questioned the choice but as a grounded colour with a wholesome feel it makes sense that we would look to these tones in uncertain times.

Utilising unused space for storage is also another way we are trying to make our likes easier – places to easily store the children’s toys that move from one room to another and make life easier to clean everything away at the end of the day. Our clients consistently ask for cabinets to the ceiling in their kitchens to make the most of all available space in the kitchen and utility spaces with maximum storage are high on the wish list.

The negative stigma surrounding working from home has well and truly been lifted and with more companies appreciating this, one of the main consequences of lockdowns will be the need for a home office in some capacity. Whether it be a stand-alone garden studio or repurposing an otherwise used space. Home working even on a part time basis seems here to stay and trends are seeing the need to create a private work from home space, to allow for those uninterrupted zoom calls with a backdrop you don’t mind colleagues catching a glimpse of.

Similarly, multi-functional spaces will be the key to home layouts. We’ve started to see desks being incorporated into bedrooms, kitchens and living areas as part of our new normal. Creating multiple workstations so two people can work from home at the same time without bothering each other.

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