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The Final Book By Nottingham-Born Everest Legend Doug Scott Publishes Posthumously This July
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Completed before his death in 2020 Kangchenjunga is the final book by Nottingham-born mountaineer Doug Scott, the first Britton to summit Mount Everest, alongside Dougal Haston.


The world's third highest mountain and notoriously difficult to climb, Kangchenjunga was first ascended in 1955 by a British team comprising Joe Brown, George Band, Tony Streather and Norman Hardie. Scott's relationship with the mountain began in 1978, three years after his first British ascent of Everest with Dougal Haston. The team comprised some of the greatest mountaineers in history including Peter Boardman and Jo Tasker. Scott, Boardman and Tasker summitted Kanchenjunga on 16 May 1979, with minimal Sherpa support and without radios, further cementing their legendary status in the mountaineering world. 

A first edition hardback, Kangchenjunga is out from 1 July by Vertebrate Publishing. 

Vertebrate’s managing director Jon Barton said:

‘Doug Scott, the first Briton to summit Everest, completed his book Kangchenjunga shortly before losing a brave battle to an aggressive brain tumour in 2020. He was the last surviving member of the summit team from Kangchenjunga, the world’s third highest mountain, his climbing partners all lost in the mountains. This book is the last we will ever hear from Doug, one of the greatest mountaineers of all time. He has left us a fitting legacy, paying homage to the mountain, the flora and fauna of its environs, the peoples living in its shadow and the climbers who have tread on its snows.’

Kangchenjunga is now available to from the Vertebrate Publishing website ( for £19.20 (20% off RRP with free UK postage). 

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