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Porsche Nottingham [Video]

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A sneeky peek at the Porsche 911 and Boxster? We don't mind if we do! Made had the chance to examine the finer details of these two iconic and beautiful vehicles from the Exclusive Manufaktur division at Porsche, available at the Porsche Centre Nottingham.
 |  Jon Rogers  |  Cars

The latest in a long line of history, the 992 911 is, quite simply, a timeless machine. This one, however, is a little bit special. Hand-crafted in Stuttgart, this 911 showcases the best in what the Exclusive Manufaktur division at Porsche can achieve.


Whilst the iconic design of the 911 is indisputable, through a constant strive for perfection the EM division consistently offer ways to make it even more special.

The wheels on the 911 are arguably the most important feature, it’s one of the first elements you see. This 911, comes with the iconic Carrera Exclusive Design Wheels painted in gloss black.

911 has a vast array of colours available, this model however, comes in an special colour, ‘Crayon’. The Sports Design Kit offers extended styling features throughout the exterior, this particular version includes contrasting gloss black elements. At the rear, ‘hockey puck’ body-styling on the back corners is a striking feature whilst the raised number plate positioning creates a strong, aggressive profile. That aggressive styling is only pushed further with the incredible Sports Exhaust System, not only aiding in emotive sound but also adding a much more distinctive look. Above the plate, the Gloss Black Porsche logo and model designation compliments other elements in the same finish.

As you step into the vehicle, although not instantly noticeable by the excitable among you, you’ll see the Porsche Logo cast down onto the floor with the Porsche Logo Courtesy lights.


The interior is inherently the heart of the car (asides from the engine), as it’s where you spend most of your time. One of the most noticeable yet thoughtful features here is the hand-stitched leather components, coming in black with Crayon stitching throughout to tastefully compliment the exterior. The Sports Chrono Clock is a staple in the world of 911, to enhance this feature further it comes in white rather than the standard black. To help finish and round off this exquisite vehicle, the Porsche Logo has been delicately embossed into both the headrests whilst the Model Logo has also had the same treatment on the storage compartment lid.

The Porsche Boxster

The Porsche 911 isn’t the only icon in the Porsche lineup. The Porsche Boxster holds an incredibly special place in the Porsche family having come to the rescue when it was conceived in the mid-90’s.

The 718 is the latest in now a quite long line of the two seater convertible from Porsche. This Boxster S at Porsche Centre Nottingham is that little bit more special however, having been put together by the exquisite touch of the Exclusive Manafaktur department at Porsche.


Whilst small changes have brought the 718 Boxster into the 21st century, the lines and styling are unmistakably that of a Boxster. However, it’s down to the hand crafted materials and design that brings a Boxster into a league of it’s own.

The wheels on any car are what makes the initial impression, it’s the first thing you notice. This Boxster S has the incredible 20-inch Carrera Sport Wheels painted in Black (high gloss). The Boxster has it’s iconic colours of years past, but there’s now a new colour on the block, one that has proven incredibly popular and that’s Crayon. An almost putty like colour, that offers a striking stance that shows off the perfect lines of the 718. One of the most compelling features of the Boxster is of course, the ability to drop the roof. As soon as you do that one of the first things you’ll notice are the roll over bars located just behind the headrests. The reason you’ll notice them? Well, they are painted in the same colour as the exterior. That’s not the only customisable element on the exterior, the side air-intake grills also come in Crayon.

As you move round to the rear of the vehicle, the iconic Porsche logo and 718 Boxster S are exquisitely presented in chrome. As you move further down, the most striking feature is the twin tailpipes coming in black.


Where do you spend most of time when you own a car? The interior. So it’s incredibly important to get something that’s not only impeccably designed and put together but something to enjoy.
Arguably the best feature on this Boxster S comes in the interior. The full leather interior is complimented by the amazing decorative stitch in Bordeaux Red. Throughout the interior whether that be the door cards, the dashboard and the centre console, the attention to detail is second to none. The Bordeaux red doesn’t stop there though. The iconic Sports Chrono stopwatch is also finished off in this classic colour. Rounding off the interior the Porsche crest has been embossed on the back of the headrests.

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