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Audi Q4

Meet the new Q4, the E-Tron Estate Launch Edition. The Made team took a closer look at this superb vehicle in a test drive around Nottingham and this is what we found...
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It is always a pleasure when Made is invited to drive a new vehicle and over the past couple of years we have driven a combination of electric vehicles, hybrids and conventional fuel vehicles. The first car we drove was the original Audi E-Tron Electric Vehicle two years ago now, so when we arrived to pick up the latest Audi Q4 E-Tron, expectations were high.


Our Q4 for the day was the 150kw E-Tron Estate Launch Edition with a superb Sonos sound system, augmented reality heads-up display, Acoustic Glazing, 20” 5-Y spoke alloys and virtual cockpit plus, to name a couple of the options.

It’s a bit clichéd but as ever with an EV the serenity that the vehicle moves away is so relaxing you forget about the craziness of the world we have been living in, in fact it is a welcome break. The Q4 also immerses you in a world of tech, numerous connectivity points and Audi’s virtual cock-pit that is acclaimed at being one of the best on the market, it clear responsive and exciting to look at. As with most cars on the market now the tech can be a bit overwhelming, so you need to take time to familiarise yourself first.

We had a plan for this test drive, rather than our normal drive to the countryside to splash though a fjord and find a country house for photos, today this Q4 was going to be our urban work horse, driven in the city of Nottingham. We visited clients, dropped off some copies of Made to our drop off points in the city and of course stopped for lunch!  The Q4 took it all in it’s stride, it was easy to drive and comfortable to boot, talking of boots there was plenty of space for all our gear. 

Following our chores, which were done with ease, we ended the day by taking our Q4 to the source of its power, well at least a potential source!  Stopping at the nearby Staythorpe PowerStation to grab the essential photos of this stunning example of an EV. 

This Q4 offers practicality for daily life, the exciting turn of speed you instantly get in an EV and a comfortable simple driving experience. In a flash the day was over and we headed back to our friends at Sytner Audi Nottingham to reluctantly return their Q4.

EV’s are now common on our roads and the network, while not quite where it needs to be, is improving.  We didn’t need to charge during our time with the Q4, but with a decent home charger and a normal distance commute there is no reason why it couldn’t fit into your daily life. Plan for longer journeys and you have the perfect practical family car, well that’s just our opinion…

Our Test Model

Marque: Audi
Version: 150kW 40 82.77kWh
Launch Edition 5dr
Exterior Colour: Mythos black, metallic
Interior Colour: Black Leather
Model Year: 2021 21
Body Style: Estate
Mileage: 2,975
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel Type: Electric
Price: £51,000

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