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A Dynamic Hybrid SUV

Made takes the Q3 TFSie out for a spin.
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Recently, thanks to our friends at Audi Nottingham, we had the joy of driving the Audi Q3 TFSie for a day and to be honest it felt superb, the handling was lovely through the built-up areas of Nottingham and beyond. When we had the chance to shift up a gear onto the open roads, it was a smooth drive that had no trouble gripping corners and handling the gravel tracks with no effect on the feel of the drive at all.

There’s the option to choose between driving modes; for everyday short journeys purely electric driving in EV mode can be selected or in Auto-Hybrid mode tasks will be intelligently and efficiently divided between the 1.4 TFSI and the electric motor. With an official electric only range of 30 miles it’s great to know that this hybrid will shift seamlessly between petrol and electric if you’re in for a long haul.

As an SUV this car works for both family and business, it’s lovely to look at – a sleek and tidy finish with a comfortable interior making it feel professional. Moving seamlessly to family carrier it also would work well with plenty of room for the kids and holiday luggage if you’re travelling and comfy enough to keep them content on a long trek.

The Audi Q3 has a multitude of options available to enhance and tailor your driving experience to suit.  The car we tested had the comfort and sound pack (Sonos sound system, rear camera and heated seats). Full leather upgrade and a wheel upgrade (19” Audi sport wheels). We loved it.

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