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Hobbies & Interest Archive

Sep 7, 2021
Play us a tune

Melodic Moments

With a musical family background, Louise’s mum as a piano teacher and her father a singer, amidst strong classical musical influences at home, it came as little surprise when she took to the piano naturally, and at the tender age of four. Music seemed to surround her very being and evoke a sense of purpose and belonging, so by the time she was a teenager not only was Louise storming her music lessons on the piano but was also discovering the clarinet and oboe. It was clear that music ran through her veins.

Sep 3, 2021
Exploring With Paul Messner

Exploring The Wild Side...

What you first realise when you speak with Paul is his authenticity as an outdoor enthusiast. He simply loves what he does and embraces every chance he can to delve into a new adventure. This is not an athlete who has been training for years and living by every mountaineering rulebook, but someone who discovered a passion for exploring with his backpack later in life and has since taken small steps to impressive new heights. Fast forward a few years and he is now a bona fide adventure video creator with a legion of fans on his YouTube channel and an incessant desire to inspire and motivate ...