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Apr 14, 2022
Mysterious Eel

Helping the marvellous, mysterious eel.

Helping the marvellous, mysterious eel. The connection between our local rivers and the wide expanses of ocean that cover two thirds of the surface of our precious planet was underlined a few years ago when a specially designed eel pass was installed between the River idle and Belmoor Lake – the water body immediately adjacent to the visitor facilities - at our Idle Valley Nature Reserve.

Feb 20, 2021
Idle Valley

Idle Beavers

The past 11 months have been challenging for the team at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust – whether in terms of keeping nature reserves open for visitors and in good shape for wildlife without the usual level of support from volunteers due to lockdowns or the difficulties of working from home.

Jan 1, 2021
Whatever The Weather

Make This A Wild Winter

The long dark days of winter can seem foreboding at the best of times and when you add in the challenging year we’ve all had the temptation to follow the lead of the dormice and hedgehogs and find somewhere safe to hibernate until spring seems rather tempting.

Nov 1, 2020
Idle Valley

Wildlife On Your Doorstep

For a nature reserve covering 450 hectares Idle Valley Nature Reserve, on the outskirts of Retford, is something of an undiscovered gem. Sometimes referred to as Sutton and Lound Gravel Pits, the name given to the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) which the nature reserve forms part, the site has been popular with birdwatchers for decades but it is only within the last dozen or so years that it has become more widely known.
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