Project 'Crowd Funding'

Supporting the local communities and businesses of north Notts whilst engaging in a positive mental health and wellbeing initiative for the NHS and front line workers.

“All our news, features and associated content are all positive, good news stories.

We want to support the health and wellbeing of our region and its communities. The World Health Organisation has issued guidance for mental health during the COVID-19 outbreak suggesting people ‘find opportunities to amplify positive and hopeful stories and positive images of local people’ which is exactly what we do.

For every £4 donated, we will gift a copy out to an NHS worker in our region. For every subscription taken out from our rewards list, we will gift an additional full subscription to a front line worker, or person of your choice who could benefit from this, in the Nottinghamshire region.”

Made lifestyle is a community lifestyle magazine for the north Notts region.

Made is a content and photography driven magazine, and although there is a charge on the cover (which enables an increase in distribution via Newsagents) 98% of the magazines are distributed for free within the north Notts communities.

The content engages local artists, community groups, the regions upcoming events, it’s heritage, businesses, guest writers and more, all wrapped up in a high-end finish with beautiful photography, all to help support the visitor economy and promote the region that this small, family run business, is passionate about.

Made is into its 3rd year as a publication. The concept is to pay for the publication’s cost through advertisers within, whilst keeping it photography and feature driven. Made is not an ‘ad-mag’ and never will be.

To date, although Made has great support from its advertisers and readers, it has not yet turned a profit. With the team’s passion for the product and what it means to the communities and readers spur them on in the knowledge that it’s ever-increasing success will get it where it needs to be, whilst in the meantime any shortfall is picked up by the core design, web and print business that has been running for over 15 years.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for the businesses and for the public of north Notts who rely on the visitor economy. These, as well as the community groups and indeed anyone who hold events, have a story to tell or rely on Made’s content to engage with their communities and the region, require such free promotion platforms to engage their audience.

Put simply, Made is here to help make the great region of north Notts greater.

Crowdfunder are offering up their platform to allow Made to pre-sell some unique goodies. All Made’s rewards and goodies are worth more than the donation being asked for.

Thank you for helping to keep Made making.


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