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Members are kept entertained with interesting arts issues, various newsletters, Zoom talks and art programmes on YouTube.
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Take a look at the local group of a national arts society association, known as the art society dukeries. Usually the art society has monthly lecture meetings at the civic centre, carlton, two extra special interest days trips out to places of interest, newsletters, a national magazine and a holiday for members.

The society's committee, through Zoom meetings, have kept members entertained with interesting arts issues, various newsletters, joined other societies for zoom talks and art programmes on YouTube etc.

As normal meetings cannot take place during the covid 19 pandemic and it may well be sometime before anyone will meet in person again, the arts society has arranged for lectures to be seen via zoom.

Morning lectures are on the first wednesday of the month, last for approx. 1 Hour and non-members are invited to join in and watch for a small fee. There are no lectures in january, starting next years' programme in february.

3 Feb, 2021
Chinamania - the impact of chinese porcelain on european taste, collecting and display.
10.30 For 11am start.

When the very first chinese porcelains found their way to europe, the beauty and fragility of the material led to their being mounted with precious metal and treasured alongside other rare and exotic objects such as ostrich eggs and rock crystal vessels. They were housed in cabinets of curiosities and exchanged as diplomatic gifts between great european rulers. This early and exclusive ownership of chinese porcelain spread enormously in the 17th century with the opening up of trading routes between europe and the far east. This led to a widespread fashion for housing and displaying collections of chinese “blue-and-white; and spawned a whole range of european imitations.

The next lecture titled ' undressing antiques' will be on the 3 mar 2021.

For further details on the zoom lecture programme, please call suzanne on 01909 290488, gill on 01909 540506 or contact gordon on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. otherwise please visit:

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