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Personalise your new Range Rover from Land Rover
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In our last issue we got the opportunity to have a sneak peek at the New Range Rover from Land Rover, at the Stratstone Nottingham exclusive showroom event. Here, we’re looking at the New Range Rover in more detail and the various options available to order.


The starting point of this car already exudes effortless style, but to make the experience specifically tailored to you, there’s a huge range of options you can choose from to create a New Range Rover that is truly personal. An individual model to suit your driving style, the look you love and one that is prepared for any terrain you need it for.

For example, there’s the choice of the Standard or Long Wheelbase body designs which provide elevated luxury for either five or seven adults. There’s the option of sustainable and contemporary technical fabrics including a combination of Ultrafabrics™ and Kvadrat™ premium textile on the seats and cabin trims which is available for the first time. There are also Natural wood veneers and metal details, dependant on the model you choose.

With paint personalisation including the SV Bespoke Premium Palette and SV Bespoke Match to sample, a range of different alloy wheel styles, plus fine materials and finishes, you have the chance to design your ultimate Range Rover.

The Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid is available in 440PS or 510PS1 variants to provide sustainable luxury and elevated comfort, while delivering overall CO2 emissions as low as 18g/km2. You can choose between Hybrid, EV and Save driving modes to optimise the powertrain for any journey. Capable of extended range all‑electric driving of up to 113km (70 miles), the EV mode delivers zero emissions while driving. A range of other high-performance petrol and diesel options are also available depending on your personal preference. 

Look out for our review in the next issue of Made when we get that chance to get behind the wheel of this gorgeous new car with an extended test drive.

Note: Details listed for the New Range Rovers are subject to the model chosen. Lead times are currently extended. 

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