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Some people have a set holiday plan every year, something booked in advance to look forward to – often with a discounted rate, whether it’s a big trip abroad, a cruise, a week in the city or whatever the plan may be. Having a holiday booked to work towards to is an ultimate part of the year for many. 

The last year however has seen quite a few of these ideal trips disrupted and travel plans put under pressure, creating a nervous market for the holiday industry. What was once the best set plan of the year, a well-earned and deserved break, became a postponed or worse even, cancelled disappointment.

For many this was devastating, but from the point of view of the last-minute bookers, this made little difference or stress to their plans. They simply watched and waited, bags and passports poised ready for action when opportunity arose.

So, what is the appeal of a last-minute break? The pro’s and the con’s? Well, there’s always the chance that if you have your heart set on one destination you won’t be able to book. If you want to keep it last minute you must keep your options open in every respect. The hotel, campsite, and more importantly destination. 

There’s plenty of options available and quite often last-minute discounts for spots in hotels, campsites and cottages that haven’t yet been snapped up and those running the offers ultimately don’t want to lose out on a week of income.

Perhaps you might have invested in a campervan or caravan to tow, a portable holiday home anywhere you want to roam whether it's travelling to the other end of the country - or the campsite around the corner. 

Across the UK the uprise of the local holiday, whether it’s cottage rental, campsite or Air B&B are all making the most of this turn in the market. Last minute availabilities are the perfect opportunity for the last-minute holiday seeker to find that thrill, relax or just the bargain break they were looking for. And if you’re willing to keep your options open, there’s last minute flight bargains to be had and the sky really is the limit.

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