A new vision and future developments for Worksop Town Centre.

Worksop Masterplan Launched

The Worksop Masterplan, a vision and strategy of how Worksop Town Centre can be re-thought, re-worked and transformed has been launched after it was approved at Full Council this spring.
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Worksop Masterplan
Worksop Masterplan

The approval of the masterplan followed an eight week consultation in which local people expressed their views on the plan and the options available to make Worksop the type of town centre people want to use and live in over the coming years.

The Worksop Masterplan looks towards 2030 and beyond, encompassing ambitions for new town centre living, shopping and leisure, with education and training facilities aiming to make Worksop a destination for work, home and relaxation.


Cllr Jo White, Cabinet Member for Regeneration said: “Worksop not only enjoys a rich history and heritage, it is also an ambitious town with a future full of potential. But Worksop Town Centre, like others across the UK, is facing up to considerable challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, economic uncertainty, ongoing changes in shopping patterns and how people choose to spend their leisure time.

This ambitious, exciting masterplan has been created to provide us with the tools we need to ensure that over the next 20 years Worksop Town Centre is capable of positively meeting these challenges and can develop and adapt to changing consumer demands, technological advances and climate change.”

She added: “At its heart, the Worksop Masterplan is a comprehensive strategy for increasing the number of people who work, live, visit and enjoy the Town Centre. A new identity focussed around a rejuvenated community, will harness the potential within Worksop for; innovative business growth; a distinctive commercial and leisure offer; new homes within vibrant neighbourhoods; the positive re-use of existing buildings; better walking, cycling and bus connectivity; and the introduction of extensive flood management and green infrastructure through its core.”

The Worksop Masterplan is framed by five key concepts, which when combined make Worksop Town Centre into an aspirational place to live, learn, work and play. The actions detailed in the plan will create smart and sustainable economic growth, revive a sense of community, take advantage of life on the waterfront, encourage active travel choices and sustainable transport, and reconnect people and history.

The masterplan connects the core themes and discusses how Worksop Town Centre will incorporate meeting and event spaces, leisure, residential, low carbon energy and high quality public spaces as an established Innovation District. The plan also details how housing, town centre living, family-friendly outdoor spaces, transport facilities and the area surrounding Worksop Railway Station will be improved, whilst exploring changes that will take advantage of Worksop’s historic Bridge Street and its location along the riverside to create a vibrant destination for new and existing residents and visitors alike.

The Worksop Masterplan was commissioned by Bassetlaw District Council and will require partnership working between the Council and its partners in private, public and third sectors to make the proposed changes of the plan into a reality.

Further information on the Worksop Masterplan can be found on the Council’s website at: www.bassetlaw.gov.uk/worksopmasterplan

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