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Flight Simulator Lands At IASTI Newark

Learners share their excitement as they try out the simulator for the first time.
 |  Katie Hogg  |  Newark

Students at the UK’s first International Air and Space Training Institute (IASTI) Newark will receive virtual flight training thanks to its in-house simulator. 

The Alsim ALX worth £35,000, is a standout feature of the newly developed workshop at Newark College’s interim IASTI site, where students get hands-on with the tools and technologies used within the aviation industry.


The institute’s aspiring pilots are delighted to have access to this incredible facility as part of their everyday training.

Student Leyla Binns said: “It’s so exciting! When you’re in there, you think you’re in a real-life cockpit. It feels so real and to have this experience and to put it into practice is amazing. I just can’t wait to carry on using it and building my knowledge.”

Her classmate Sam Mason has some previous experience in a light aircraft from his time at Air Cadets. He said: “It’s unbelievable how realistic it is. Down to simple things like the rudder pedals and all the buttons and how they feel. It’s really exciting stuff!”

Through virtual flight training, aspiring pilots at the IASTI can safely hone their skills, practising against a range of variables including day and nighttime flying, weather conditions and even different aircraft types.

Meanwhile, learners on the engineering pathway can become accustomed to what happens while an aircraft is in flight and how to address faults as they occur.

Jim Guthrie, the Learning and Skills Lead at IASTI Newark, said: “We’re excited to have the simulator system here at IASTI Newark. It will provide extraordinary experience and training for learners, allowing preparation for fully powered flight within light aircraft.”

The IASTI enables students to learn from aviation professionals as they develop the skills needed to become pilots, engineers or flight dispatchers, leading to Level 3 Diplomas in Aviation Operations or Aircraft Maintenance. Bespoke study programmes are co-designed by industry experts to provide a sustainable talent pipeline within the sector.

The IASTI is one of nine priority projects developed by Newark Towns Fund Board and is funded through the Government’s Towns Fund initiative. A planning application, which will see a multi-million-pound premises for IASTI built in the Centre of Newark by 2023, is awaiting approval.

Apply now to start courses in pilot, groundcrew and engineer pathways at the IASTI starting in September.

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