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Welbeck Abbey Brewery Range Out Now

Welbeck Abbey Brewery announces revamp of its core range, with three brand new brews inspired by tales from the Welbeck Estate.
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Following careful review of their existing range of beers, and listening to customer feedback, Welbeck Abbey Brewery have decided to reduce and update their core range to just four ales. This will allow for greater availability of innovative ‘monthly specials’ throughout the year. 


Managing Director, Claire Monk says: “After 10 years supplying beer, we felt it was time to review our core range, and as such, our brewing team have been working hard over the last three months to hone recipes, using modern techniques to get the very best flavours from traditional malt and hops. Having a smaller range of core beers plus more innovative specials will lend itself much better to our new bottled range, and with a joint approach across cask and bottled beer we hope to get drinkers excited about Welbeck and gain traction in areas of the market we have yet to break into.”

In a further exciting development, the brewery has had its own, in-house bottling line installed. 

Brewer Tom Roe explains: “This gives us full control over how we process our beer on site. We’ve taken the decision to move away from filtered and force-carbonated bottled beers, to the more natural process of bottle-conditioning. It also means we can cut down on the use of plastic, transportation and externally sourced C02, improving our carbon footprint, something which is important to us here at Welbeck. Having a bottling line on-site also allows us to produce smaller, one-off batches of beer which we are very excited about.”

The new core range includes a 5% West Coast American IPA, a crisp Continental Pale at 4.4% and a 3.7% Golden English session ale. Monthly specials will always include a dark ale as porters and stouts remain popular, as well as low strength session ales, well hopped IPAs, and everything else in between. 

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