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Threads Of India

Sofas & Stuff unveil their exclusive collection, Threads of India, created in collaboration with the V&A.
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Pugin 3 seater sofa in V&A Threads of India Varanasi Wilderness Ink £5,138.
Snape chair in V&A Threads of India Regal Arabesque Flame £2,480.
V&A Threads of India Mughal Garden Safari fabrics £76.45 per metre.

Bespoke British furniture and fabric brand, Sofas & Stuff, is delighted to unveil their much-anticipated Threads of India collection, created in collaboration with the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum). The collection draws inspiration from the illustrious archive of South Asian textiles at the V&A, celebrating India’s timeless textiles and global influence, and elevating luxury living spaces with a touch of history. It is the company’s third collaboration with the V&A, building on the success of the Brompton Collection and the Drawn from Nature Collection.


Threads of India tells a story of the Indian subcontinent’s unique textile heritage through fabric designs inspired by opulent riding coats, tent hangings and dress fabrics. Encapsulating the rich themes, colours and textures of the V&A’s remarkable South Asia collections, the designs are presented on a linen and viscose blend that is soft and luxurious but tough enough to withstand time. Embracing a palette that combines deep and rich tones with soft fresh hues, each pattern is offered in an array of timeless shades that reflect the history of the timeworn objects that inspired them.

Seamlessly blending history with modern design, Threads of India encourages enthusiasts to discover the intertwining of tradition and innovation within each fabric. The collaboration underscores Sofas & Stuff’s dedication to infusing the timeless elegance of the past into contemporary homes. Whether adorning a sofa, gracing an armchair, accentuating a footstool, or inspiring other bespoke creations and soft furnishing projects, these fabrics have the power to elevate interiors to new heights of sophistication, as the spirit of the past and the comforts of the present intertwine in perfect harmony.

Amelia Calver, Brand Licensing Research and Development Manager at the V&A notes, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Sofas & Stuff on the Threads of India collection, which draws inspiration from the South Asia collections at the V&A.

The museum is constantly looking to shine a light on its broad and varied collection. As custodians of these enthralling works, it is truly satisfying to see designers drawn to the intricate details of India’s rich design heritage and witness a collection that brings stories of craftsmanship and artistic brilliance to life.”

Andrew Cussins, Founder of Sofas & Stuff, states, “This collection is not just about furniture; it’s about storytelling, cultural heritage, and the seamless blend of past and present. We invite you to discover the Threads of India collection and immerse yourself in a world of timeless beauty.”

The Threads of India fabric collection is available for purchase at Sofas & Stuff showrooms nationwide. The fabrics can be used across any of Sofas & Stuff’s range of British handmade bespoke sofas, chairs, beds, footstools, or purchased by the metre for other soft furnishing projects.

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