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Ripples Nottingham

The Ripples Effect

Ripples, one of the most respected names in bathroom industry has been inspiring passion for luxury bathrooms for the last 35 years. Now with a stunning new showroom in the heart of Nottingham, Made meets the owner, Mark Karimi, to explain the benefits of investing in a luxury bathroom, and how to find the perfect fit for you.
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Mark Karimi, owner of the new Ripples bathroom showroom in Nottingham.

What defines a luxury bathroom?
To answer this question, first we review the definition of ‘luxury’. Traditionally, we associate a luxury item with the level of its quality, exclusivity and even the price tag.

Although scarcity and exclusivity of a product or service are fundamental foundations on which the idea of luxury is based, this is not what we actually mean in the bathroom industry, as a matter of fact, there are many important characteristics, which define a luxury bathroom.

What are the characteristics of a luxury bathroom? 
I believe one of the most important characteristics that a luxury bathroom must have lies within its performance. There might be around twenty individual products found in a normal size bathroom.

Each product acts as an individual component, which needs to function harmoniously with the rest of the elements in your bathroom. In a luxury bathroom, each individual part must hold longevity and perform above and beyond expectations. Besides the superior performance, other aspects such as unique craftsmanship, heritage and sophistication are all important elements of a luxury bathroom.

What is the importance of the design elements in a luxury bathroom? 
I am really happy you asked this question. Something that can demote a bathroom, even when equipped with a perfect collection of high-quality products, from being a ‘luxury’ to just ‘a bathroom’, is lack of creativity and aesthetic elegance in its design.

While aesthetics is important, a well-designed bathroom also takes functionality into account. The layout, furniture, and overall design should facilitate the intended use of a bathroom, making it comfortable and efficient as well as beautiful. This is why design is the heart of any luxury bathroom, and of course the most important part of our service at Ripples.

Please come and visit our new showroom in Castle Boulevard, Nottingham and discover how we can help you to create a space that is not only visually stunning but also tailored to your desires.


Ripples Nottingham is open now.
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