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World First Aid Day

Subtitle: 10 september 2022
Excerpt: Members of the Wellness Business Network offer gems from their individual expertise

When it comes to First Aid around the home or at work the easiest thing to do is to buy and off the shelf kit that will contain the basic supplies that you are likely to need.  These kits are designed for the normal First Aid requirements such as cuts and burns.


You may need to add to these kits if you have particular health issues that might require urgent attention.  If you are asthmatic you might want to keep a spare inhaler in your kit, anyone with an allergy may keep an EpiPen in their kit.

When it comes to your general wellbeing kit you are likely to find that there are some things that would help most people and others that will be specific to you. When it comes to creating your own kit start by thinking about the wellbeing issues that are most likely to be relevant to you. Do you suffer with migraines, blood sugar dips or from lack of sleep? If you have particular requirements such as these start by adding the things that you know have worked for you in the past and then do some research into what else you might be able to include.

Articles such as this will give you a great starting point and would be great to add to your kit along with any items you might need to follow through on the suggestions. Be sure to give them a try and to make notes of anything that worked for you as well as those that don’t.

For example, you may want to tackle sleep issues with your wellbeing kit. An eye mask and some lavender would be good additions to any kit.  You may have found that for you ear plugs are essential and chamomile tea really helps so they would be things that you would include especially for you. You might also want to include a list of meditations that have helped you drift off to sleep (whether they were meant to or not!)

Once you have compiled your basic kit make a list of the contents and review it on a regular basis to make sure nothing is past it’s use by date and any items that have been used are replaced. You can keep adding to your kit as you make new discoveries.

Perhaps the most important thing, as with a First Aid kit, if to make sure that you can find it easily and quickly. Also check that any others who may need access know where it is located and what is in it.  Just think how lovely it would be to know that the next time you can’t sleep well, help is easy to find.

Clare Wildman, 

Clare Wildman Coaching.