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The R.E.S.T Practice

Subtitle: in good health
Excerpt: The R.E.S.T Practice Spend a little time on yourself, refocus and find your centre.

Find a comfortable position of your choice. This could be standing, sitting or lying down.


If you choose to keep your eyes open, let your gaze rest, lowered at a point in front of you. If you choose to keep your eyes closed, rest your eyelids comfortably.

Set your intention to relaxing and effortlessness

Whenever you find yourself shifting into “doing” or “thinking” simply return back to your original intention, and begin again.

Relax your attention. Release any fixation that you might have on any object. Be as ordinary and natural as possible.  If you notice that your attention becomes fixated or distracted, simply relax.

Exhale all striving. Empty yourself of any effort towards achieving a particular outcome or result. Let your experience be as it is.

Sense the Silence. Surrender all attachment to what you notice, and feel the intuitive sense of silence/stillness
within you.

Tune into awareness. Recognise that you are naturally awake and you are conscious of this awareness. There’s nothing to do, and nowhere to go. Just rest.

When you are ready to end the practice, gently bring your attention to your surroundings and invite simple movements to your body.

Sara Copley 

Azumi Wellness