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A Clear New Year

Clean, declutter, revise & refresh your home. By Kelly Roden, owner of Meliora Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms in Bawtry.
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I write something similar for each January/February issue as for me it’s a time of reflection and organisation. With the world seemingly having been in almost chaos for two years now, that seems to trickle into areas of our lives in ways that are unexpected, I wanted to continue to encourage a clear out and update once the decorations are put away. 

Spring is still a little too far away to be tangible, and the long winter nights are still tedious to endure. But the New Year also brings fresh opportunities and a sense of revitalisation and renewal, and we can extend this to our homes too.

To get your home ready to hit the ground running, I’ve rounded up a few ideas which will help you refresh and reboot your home and start the New Year as you mean to go on.

A thorough clean and declutter can help to set the intention for the year. Tackle one room at a time, starting with the ceiling and working downwards. Clean under furniture to sweep away stray bits of tinsel and pine tree droppings that seem to have an ability to get everywhere. Sort through kitchen cupboards and wipe surfaces with a damp cloth. Cull your bathroom cabinet of half empty bottles and old toothbrushes. Give away any unused or unwanted items to charity or take them to the recycling centre. A clean, clutter-free space makes a great start to the New Year.

If your children are anything like mine, they will have received sacks full of presents from well-meaning friends and relatives but storing all these new gifts can be a challenge, especially if you are limited with space. January is a great time to sort through your children’s toys and give away any to charity that they have grown out of, or no longer play with.

Utilise as much hidden storage as possible, such as under-bed drawers, or stacking boxes, which can be stashed away in a cupboard at night. If space is tight, store some of their toys in a loft or garage and rotate the toys they play with each month.

With life returning to a semblance of normality and work/home/life having some separation again make life easier for the coming year by creating organisation stations in your home. Use pinboards, chalkboards, and shared calendars to keep everyone clear about what’s happening each week. Install pegs for bags and coats at child (as well as adult) height, and place shoe racks underneath. Station a plate or bowl near the front door for keys and loose change and place a letter rack in the entrance hall to collate post as it arrives.

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